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This homepage is made in Dutch and because of the amount of data I have chosen not to translate this site in English or Swedish. I understand that you may have questions about the content and you are welcome to share your questions with me. I will try to answer them.

I will try a translation attribute but I am not sure if this will work correctly. But it is a possibility to look at this page in German and Swedish.

Because this site is a personal project, I will not working on it every day. And it can take several days before you get an answer. 

If you have information for me about issues on this site, you are very welcome to share this with me. Contact me with this form and I will contact you about this matter. 

If you find something this is changed or false, please let me know. I am just a human as everyone else and I can also make mistakes. 

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Where do I live?

To find the area where I live, view the map beside larger and you will find Lycksele in the center. This is the town where we shop, go to the doctor, visit the hospital or go to church.

Wandelbordjes in Zwitserland
Sacco, Giornico, Tessin, Zwitserland

In principe komen al mijn foto's voor verkoop in aanmerking, zelfs als ze niet of nog niet in de webshop staan. U kunt altijd aanvragen doen voor foto's op plexiglas of aluminium en andere toepassen, ook kunt u specifieke routebeschrijvingen, huttenbeschrijvingen etc aanvragen. Momenteel is mijn bedrijfsactiviteit vrijwel nul vanwege ziekte. Ik ben momenteel dus niet meer belastingplichtig. Denk daaraan als u iets wilt bestellen. Leverantietijden kunnen toenemen. 


Deze webshop/site is aan veranderingen onderhevig, ik raad u aan om zo nu en dan terug te komen om te zien hoe ver ik ben gevorderd. /Under construction! Updates almost every week. Especially working to get all the mountain cabins in Switzerland ready for the summer holiday!


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